Junior Family Weekend

Junior Family Weekend



Through this program, you will have the chance to glimpse the transformative power of Harvard College that our students experience each and every day. The opportunity to visit classes and engage in discussions with faculty members will offer you a sense of where the intellectual transformation begins for our students. At the same time, sampling Harvard’s extracurricular life through sporting events, creative performances and other events, will give you a feel for how our students transform socially.  Hopefully, your time on campus meeting other students and their families will open a window to the rich diversity of experiences and perspectives that contribute to personal transformation for our students. And finally, by attending receptions and lunch in the residential houses, we invite you to experience Harvard’s unique house life where the College community comes together in ways that support all three aspects of transformation of our students – social, personal and intellectual. We hope you have a chance to take advantage of all of these opportunities and we wish you a memorable weekend.

What to Expect

Friday morning programming will allow you to discover how students' intellectual transformation begins. Families will have the opportunity to visit classes and participate in discussions with Harvard faculty. 

  • Offices around campus providing support both in and outside the classroom will open their doors to families.
  • Libraries will host open houses and tours to give you a peek at these vast student resources.

Saturday programming focuses on students' social transformation. Experience campus as your student might by attending a faculty lecture in the morning, eating lunch in your student's House dining hall, or visiting a campus museum. When you visit the check-in table, make sure to pick up our compiled list of Local and Campus Events that includes a variety of extracurricular offerings.

See highlights from past weekends in our photo gallery